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Finding the Perfect Location for Your New Construction Home in Pinellas County

Are you looking to build a new home in Pinellas County, Florida? The St. Petersburg area has hundreds of custom home builders and limited available lots for new construction, so making your dream home can be challenging. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you find the perfect location.

Why Pinellas County?

Suppose you’re looking to buy a new construction home. In that case, Pinellas County should be your top pick. The area has some of the best beaches in the U.S., dozens of hiking trails, and more than 1000 festivals and events annually to keep you entertained year-round. The area boasts highly-rated schools, a booming economy, and a cost of living below the national average.

Use Online Tools

Almost every property search will start on the Internet. Websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and provide a comprehensive database of available lots for sale. Just input your desired location, price range, and lot size; these platforms will instantly display matching results. Setting up email or even text notifications is essential so you are notified when new properties hit the market. In the St. Petersburg area, you have to move fast. Also, consider joining local real estate forums and online networking groups like Facebook, Bigger Pockets, or Nextdoor. These communities often share insider information about available and upcoming lots.

Expired Lots or Recently Sold Properties

Another strategy would be to search for expired or sold properties. Some people will purchase a lot and pull it from the market, but this is rare in Pinellas County. In other cases, people will buy lots and decide the process is too expensive and time-consuming, or they just don’t like the property. This process may take some detective work, such as looking over property records or doing a drive-by to check out the construction progress on the property.

Visit Home Builders in the Area

To begin, do some research on local builders in Pinellas County who specialize in new custom homes and contact them to inquire about available lots. New home builders are constantly searching for places to build new construction homes and often know about properties before they come onto the market. They will also have insight into planned communities that have yet to be offered to the public.

Find an Agent or Broker That Specializes in New Construction

Working with a realtor or broker specializing in new construction is a game-changer when looking for available lots in Pinellas County. Like homebuilders, these agents have deep connections with local home builders and developers and often know of lots before they even hit the market. They understand the complexities of purchasing land for new construction and can guide you through the process, ensuring your search is efficient and stress-free. With such an agent on your side, finding your dream lot will be much easier.

Don’t Overlook Recently Built Homes

Some potential homebuyers may consider a recently built home or under construction home. Building a custom home takes a lot of patience and sometimes spending money you didn’t expect. Purchasing a nearly new home can provide a similar experience to custom building but without the wait. Like in a custom-built home, you’ll enjoy modern design, energy efficiency, and up-to-date technology. Additionally, this option can be less stressful and often more cost-efficient, eliminating potential construction delays and unforeseen expenses when building from scratch.

Finding the perfect location to build your new home in Pinellas County doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right approach, resources, and professionals on your side, you can easily navigate the local real estate landscape and secure a lot that meets your needs. Remember to utilize online platforms, connect with local home builders, or enlist the help of a specialized realtor or broker. Start your journey today by contacting us at Winway Homes.