Historic Kenwood / Neighborhood Profile

Nestled just west of the vibrant Downtown area, Historic Kenwood’s charming neighborhood invites you with its enchanting oak-lined brick streets and impressive collection of Craftsman bungalows that impart a vintage character. This eclectic, laid-back district boasts a variety of cozy eateries, trendy beer bars, and lively nightspots along the bustling thoroughfares of Central Avenue and 34th Street North. Community-driven events like the much-anticipated architecture tours and artist open-studio nights nurture a strong sense of belonging. The nearby LGBTQ Welcome Center marks an inclusive space for all.

Historic Kenwood is more than a neighborhood—it’s a 375-acre tapestry of architectural history, primarily showcasing a rich diversity of homes from the early 1900s to the mid-20th century. More than half of these dwellings are bungalows, depicting the area’s signature identity. Some of these homes have a history of relocation, adding layers to their story and further accentuating Historic Kenwood’s unique allure.

Not to be overlooked is the picturesque Seminole Park—a gift from one of the city’s pioneering developers, Charles R. Hall. Stately avenues border this verdant haven and provide locals with a playground and a newly crafted pavilion that echoes the Craftsman-style spirit of the area. Historic Kenwood isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle steeped in history, community, and artistry that awaits your discovery.

For those with an appetite for fine dining, Historic Kenwood offers a gateway to St. Petersburg’s delectable culinary scene, where the fresh catch from the Gulf of Mexico meets vibrant pan-Latin flavors. This unique blend gives rise to the city’s “Floribbean” cuisine—a fusion of Floridian and Caribbean tastes. As an epicenter of the arts, St. Petersburg pairs its prestigious galleries and museums with captivating dining experiences against the backdrop of Tampa Bay’s azure waters. Favorites include the Columbia Restaurant on the St. Petersburg Pier, where Spanish and Cuban seafood delicacies are served in an elegant atmosphere with breathtaking views. Chacha’s Coconuts presents Caribbean-inspired dishes steps away from the water for a more laid-back vibe. The city’s gastronomic diversity extends beyond the waterfront to embrace its heritage at renowned Italian establishments like Beau and Mo’s Italian Steakhouse, which captures the essence of St. Petersburg’s Italian immigrant roots.

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