Snell Isle / Neighborhood Profile

Welcome to Snell Isle, a picturesque waterfront community north of St. Petersburg. Homes aren’t just structures but a canvas of architectural brilliance, showcasing many styles that dance from one block to the next. Imagine strolling through our streets, where quaint Florida ranch homes stand shoulder to shoulder with grand Spanish Mediterranean villas, each uniquely designed. You might also find the modernist simplicity of a Prairie-style home, a design philosophy championed by Frank Lloyd Wright, offering a stark contrast to the traditional warmth of a farmhouse or the sleek lines of a modern abode.

But Snell Isle is more than just a neighborhood; it’s a lifestyle. Dominating the landscape where homes do not is the prestigious Vinoy Golf Club. This historic sanctuary marries the grace of a bygone era with modern luxury, featuring a hotel and a meticulously redesigned 18-hole golf course sprawling over 6,500 yards.

While traditional parks are scarce, our community green space is a tribute to our visionary founder, C. Perry Snell. It’s a place where history and leisure intertwine, adorned with statues that capture Mr. Snell’s passion for art and the animal kingdom. Just a stone’s throw away, the enchanting sounds of the Coffee Pot Bayou Bird Preserve await, a natural symphony praised by all who visit.

The heart of Snell Isle beats strong with community spirit, exemplified by the historic St. Petersburg Woman’s Club. Since the 1920s, this beacon of philanthropy has dedicated itself to touching lives through outreach, from supporting hospice care to empowering at-risk youth. And though our tranquil streets might seem a world away, the vibrant array of shops and dining along 4th Street North is just a short journey west, ensuring that the best of urban convenience is always close to the serene oasis of Snell Isle.

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